Belief or Faith? – John 6:14-21


Speaker: Rev. Robert Laing

John 6:14-21

Belief or Faith? v. 14, 15

Belief (James 2:19)

Faith- belief in action (James 2:20-23)


True Faith is Tested by God

Challenge to faith: is God in this? v. 16, 17 (Mark 6:45)

Crisis of faith: storms come v. 18 (Matt. 7:24-27)

Choice: fear or faith v. 19 (Ps. 27:1)


True Faith is Dependent upon God

Command: do not fear v. 20 (Is. 43:1-3a)

Choice: receive help or not v. 21 (Mark 6:52)


True faith will bring you through the storms of life!