Psalm 12:6-7 | Absolute Truth

DAVID GOFF | August 19, 2020




The words of the Lord are pure words,
Like silver tried in a furnace of earth,
Purified seven times.
You shall keep them, O Lord,
You shall preserve them from this generation forever.


Psalm 12:6-7


When we wrestle with the crucial questions of life, we sometimes seek answers from the wrong people. When we make this mistake, we may receive advice from a secular viewpoint, become deceived by flattering words, or receive bad counsel that can’t be trusted.


Similarly, in Psalm 12, we find an oppressed people who were seeking truth and deliverance. Their world was filled with ungodly people who spoke deceiving words with pride. It is in this circumstance the Psalmist, David, confidently proclaims the Word of God as the answer to their needs.


From David’s Psalm, we see two encouraging realities about the Word of God to encourage and strengthen us:


The Word of God is true


As our Psalm begins, we see David cry out to the Lord for help. He is overwhelmed and laments the lack of godly, faithful people in his world. There was nobody that David could look up to for direction. He describes the people of his day as those who “speak idly everyone with his neighbor” (Psalm 12:2) and do so in pride without any sense of accountability.


While the words of the rebellious would eventually be revealed to be lies, David knew, “The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver tied in a furnace of earth, purified seven times” (12:6). When precious metals go through the refining process, the high heat acts to remove all impurities and external substances. Being purified seven times describes 100% perfection. In other words, absolute truth.


In our lives, we may follow the world’s advice, traveling down many wrong roads seeking answers. Over time, we begin to see these roads are dead-ends leading to disappointment. Yet, the Word of the Lord is different as it leads us perfectly. It is pure from all error, mistake, or deception. It can be trusted to make us complete and thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:17). Nothing else in the world compares.


Not only is the Word of the Lord true, but it also gives hope to the faithful.


The Word of God gives hope


In verse 5, David’s Psalm captures the Word of the Lord, saying:

“For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now I will arise. I will set him in the safety for which he yearns.” (Psalm 12:5)


In these beautiful words, the Lord was promising to rescue and save the faithful being oppressed. What great hope and peace this must have brought to David’s ear. This was especially so because David knew the Lord’s words could be counted on to deliver their promise. He affirms this by responding to the Lord, “You shall preserve them from this generation forever” (7b).


As Christians, our greatest hope rests in Jesus. Jesus was the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. He lived a perfect life and took upon himself the penalty of our sin by His death. By rising from the grave, He provides the only way for us to be rescued from our sin and bring us hope. This hope is not something within us - but only comes from God.


Paul David Tripp states this well:

“There is hope for the Christian because in our foolishness wisdom has come, in our weakness power has come, in our alienation love has come and in our brokenness peace has come.” 


As we read and meditate on the Word of God, let us be encouraged, optimistic, and hopeful as God’s perfect plan unfolds before us. His Word can be trusted. And while there may be nowhere else to turn for answers, we can fully believe in the reality that “The words of the Lord are pure words” (12:6a).


Oh, Father, what joy it gives us to know that your Word is true. We can come to it without reservation or skepticism, knowing it is entirely pure.  I pray that you would help etch that reality into our souls.

As David cried out for help, Lord, we do the same. The world is pushing back against all that is true. Help us to reflect the light that you provide to the world around us. Lord, we don’t always do it well - so we ask for your help. And Father, thank you for the hope you have given us in Christ. Help us to cling to Jesus as the foundation of our life. Guide us away from looking elsewhere for answers found only in Him. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.



David Goff is the Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church, Washington MI