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  First Baptist Church Welcomes You!

It is our mission and purpose for all people who come in contact with First Baptist Church of Washington, Michigan to KNOW Christ as Savior.  To come to the point of repentance of sin and faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross for eternal salvation and a home in Heaven.  It is also our desire to see believers GROW in their faith and learn to make Christ the Lord of all areas of their lives.   We do this by staying in and living out His Word on a personal and corporate (church) level- through personal Bible study and preaching and teaching at the church.  And we must SHOW others that Christ loves them and died for their sins, too.  We do this by sharing the Gospel as individuals and as a church.   Come GROW with us!

Pastor Rob Laing


  February 8th AM Sermon

  "God's Great Love"

  John 3:16-21 


  February 8th Sunday @ Six

  "Signs of a Healthy Church: Right Leadership"



   February 4th Wednesday at 7:00 PM

  "The Writing on the Wall"

  Daniel 5:1-6




   Special Updates








At 7:00 PM


Tuesdays @ 9:30 AM



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